Firematic Officers

The Firematic Officers, under the direction of the Chief provide for the emergency preparedness and response of the Grand Island Fire Company. This includes training, apparatus maintenance and response policies. The Chief, Deputy Chief, Assistant Chiefs and Captains are elected annually by the members of the Fire Company.

Chief - Matthew Osinski
"Grand Island 9"

Deputy Chief - Christopher Soluri
"Grand Island 9-1"

1st Assistant Chief - Mark Sadkowski
"Grand Island 9-2"

2nd Assistant Chief - Omar Sortino
"Grand Island 9-3"

Captain - Dan Mathes
"Grand Island 9-4"

Captain - Ryan Ayers
"Grand Island 9-5"

Captain - Jon Cinelli
"Grand Island 9-6"

Captain - Kevin Koch
"Grand Island 9-7"
Captain - Donald Turner
"Grand Island 9-8"

Captain - Jeremy Pullano
"Grand Island 9-8-1"

  Fire Police - Don Portik
"Grand Island FP-1"